K. R. Brown

My name is Kristen Brown (pen name K. R. Brown), and I’m from North Carolina. I recently survived an entirely remote senior year of college to graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication with a minor in Hispanic Studies. 

Throughout my time at UNC, I strived to improve my storytelling skills through both my studies and my extracurricular activities. For example, I volunteered with the A Moment of Magic Foundation, visiting medically vulnerable children while portraying Princess Leia. I also helped create original comics for pediatric patients with The Superhero Project. 

My Work

During my sophomore year of high school, I began writing my first book about superheroes, centered in North Carolina. Since then, my passion for stories has driven me to write and self-publish three young adult books under the pen name K. R. Brown: The White Dove (2016), The Gladiator (2017), and The Hunt for Elemental (2021). In this series, I not only tell fun, engaging stories, but explore important topics such as heroism and forgiveness.

During college, I discovered the world of screenwriting and began seeking out opportunities to learn this craft. Screenwriting has expanded the types of stories I can tell, and I now aim to write children and teen animated television shows. I even had the opportunity to participate in the UNC Hollywood Internship Program during the summer of 2021, which helped me complete two development internships and learn more about the entertainment industry.

For a year, I was also able to examine and learn about popular media from a new point of view by working as a Movies/TV Features Writer for Screen Rant. You can check out some of my articles about topics like Star Wars, the MCU, and a variety of animated movies here

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